She Picked Sea Shells by the Sea Shore.

Finger nail polish is pretty. It, along with your nail length, and shape say a lot more about your personality than you can really imagine. Crazy nail art, sequins, acrylics, gel, gel polish, stick on, paint on, round, short, long, square... where do you begin?

Im into classic matte solids, ones I can find at the drug store, for cheap, because I want and think I need them all.

This week, i'm re-painting and going with the theme of "lunch at the mermaid oyster bar". After slurping down half a dozen raw oysters, and having a nice few glasses of sangria this ode goes out to colors from the sea. Corals, purples, grays, blues, greens, yellows-all aren't matter-of-factly related to water but remind me of that lunch in SoHo.

If  your ever in this area, you have to go! Raw fish lovers unite!

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