Paul Mitchell Caper 2012 Vegas

After beginning my professional education at Paul Mitchell the School Charleston I acquired the chance to attend the PM 2012 Caper event in Vegas this past February! I along with several other future professionals flew out to the city of sin for a weekend of education with the top educators within the Paul Mitchell family. We took specialty classed in cut, color and attended live shows in styling by George Morales, Kelly Cardenas, Mike Helm, Dave Holland, Robert Cromeans, Stephani Kocielski, Takashi, and Linda Yodice. This event was an amazing introduction the beauty industry and fueled my passion for it even more. You have to start somewhere.

She Picked Sea Shells by the Sea Shore.

Finger nail polish is pretty. It, along with your nail length, and shape say a lot more about your personality than you can really imagine. Crazy nail art, sequins, acrylics, gel, gel polish, stick on, paint on, round, short, long, square... where do you begin?

Im into classic matte solids, ones I can find at the drug store, for cheap, because I want and think I need them all.

This week, i'm re-painting and going with the theme of "lunch at the mermaid oyster bar". After slurping down half a dozen raw oysters, and having a nice few glasses of sangria this ode goes out to colors from the sea. Corals, purples, grays, blues, greens, yellows-all aren't matter-of-factly related to water but remind me of that lunch in SoHo.

If  your ever in this area, you have to go! Raw fish lovers unite!

A lot of people don't realize you can buy name brand polish on amazon.com.

Find Essie Cabana Boy at amazon for $4.75 here

Such great heights

I've really never been one to follow trends on runways. I just find creating my own style is more fitting, and if it happens to fall in place with the runway, well then i've tricked everyone else. I have been wearing the classic high bun for quite some time now but I figured why not take it to new heights and dabble in some runway fun.

My inspiration for buns high ones, low ones, messy ones, really come from dancing my whole life. The look comes in handy when you don't have time to was either. This one is really out there though... what do you think?


To get this start by teasing your hair with a diffusing brush upwards to create volume. Focus on making it bigger at the bottom than the top. Flip  your head over and create a high ponytail and secure it with a band (the tiny plastic ones work well if you have thin/semi-thick hair). *If you have bangs, try your best to get them back with the rest, if not-just wait.

Next, wrap small portions around the front to create a bun look. Keep it loose to get that large and in charge shape. Rotate pinning the pieces, wrapping from the front in some places and from the back in others.  If you have small bangs left in the front pin them back underneath to create that invisible "bangs grown out" look.

I feel real cool.

Hairspiration on a rainy day

It's been a really really long time since i've done any writing for the fun of it. I enjoy it though, because it's an expression, a release-and I can share my ideas with others who care. You know it's nice to get a response from people who appreciate what you do and want to let you know. For those people who hide anonymously behind a computer and post nasty, irrelevant comments on peoples work--well shame on you...

For all you people who love blogging and do it for yourselves more than anyone, here is to you! Never let someones comments, especially an anonymous coward get you down! Keep moving! You rock!

This is a fun twist on a stuffy old school look.

The un-manicured 'tornado' french twist. Tornado... because... it looks like a tornado to me.


Start by twisting into a low bun, then loosely twist upwards so that the bulk of the hair is at the top. Stick in a few pins-this is supposed to look messy. If you find that your hair is 'too clean' try this look on a day after not washing your hair, or spray a little sea-salt spray to give it texture. A hawt mess.

Real Renaissance

A few nights ago I had the privilege to be a  guest at the 2011 PRSA Renaissance Awards in Pittsburgh, PA at the Fairmont Hotel. Guest of Honor Lindsay Bailey  (lbailey3.wordpress.com) was receiving the Robert O’gara Student Scholarship Award for her involvement in Public Relations community. She was chosen without a second thought, and was grateful enough to invite me, and a few other members from the WVU PRSSA chapter to join her for a night of drinks, dinner, and networking. We really had a blast. Congratulations Again.


A few days before Christmas last year my parents decided that renting a large white, no shame in its pot-hole hitting abilities, church van and took us a state over in Ohio on a “destination unknown”. Sounds exciting, I know, but i’m no good with surprises… so in situations like these… I seek the truth. I asked A LOT of questions. I mean, A LOT of questions. But, no budge. So there I sat, with my three other sisters, my brother-in-law, and a best friend, on the road to nowhere, I thought. Until finally, Canton Ohio… which is in the middle of NO WHERE… I finally figured it out that we were on a “destination known” to the Amish Country. To most this seems like hell… to me… do I have to say it?

This is absolute heaven. Antique malls galore. A cheese factory, a chocolate factory… basically a day filled with dreams. I took a few snaps along the way with Instagram App for iphone. enjoy.

This is the absolute place to be for thrifters, and those with a quirky idea when it comes to fun!

Claim the rain.

Recently i saw somewhere quoted, "You can tell a lot about a person by the way they handle four things: a rainy day, the elderly, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas lights. In honor of another rainy day in Morgantown, i say think about how you and others handle these situations.

Also i think i'll spend the time i thought i'd dedicate to a project (now not due until December 7th) watching every movie online that stars Chloe Sevigny.

KIDS, Boys Don't Cry, American Psycho, and Party Monster. Why not? Come join... and Rellllax. You Don't Do It Enough.


Ashy ain't classy

Winter is upon us, and the last thing you've been thinking about since summer is how smooth and silky your skin is while bundled up under wooly chic sweaters and feet deep in some sassy leather boots. Fortunately my go to store for causemedic's, Sephora always has a plethora of yummy smelling, variated granulates that are used to scrub off the ash. This one in particular by Peter Thomas Roth,  called anti-aging buffing beads is perfect for, check-it-out, both body and face and works with all skin types except ultra sensitive! The scent isn't specific but hints with notes of clean and citrus.

My favorite part of this scrub is that unlike most exfoliants found at your local drug store, these jojobo beads massaged deeply two to three times a week actually improve the overall look and feel of your skin. My first rendevouz with these little guys came from a bad experience this summer in the sun (always wear your sunscreen). I learned my lesson after a really bad sun burn, but was left with this horrible peeling skin for weeks! After being consulted at Sephora, i realized that the anti-aging buffing beads by Peter Thomas Roth were perfect for my problem! Instantly after the first light buff i could actually see the dead skin removal! For me the price tag was a little high at $36.00 but completely worth it, and genuinely love at first buff!

If the price tag is a little high for you, your local Sephora store often provides samples of their products if you ask (perfumes too!). I promise once you  try this scrub you will be hooked, and everything from your nose to your bum will be will be throwing a sigh of relief induced party!

Check out All of Peter Thomas Roth products like Instant Mineral Powder SPF and the ultra nice Sulfur Cooling Mask at Sephora.com!

All buurrnndled up. Cause i'm cheesy like that.

Something about sitting in my apartment fully dressed with everything turned off but my itunes and the lamp on my desk makes me want to write. I could go out, and i will most likely mosey on down town, but for now...


This Sweatttter... dang it's good. Found this beauty on a fun road trip to Columbus, OH with the boyfriend on one of our five-minute, time limited excursions through some random-exits-thrift-store. It's best that i time myself in stores like these with so many options. If not, i end up buying things that are truly unnecessary. This was real necessary for $2.50.

Here in Morgantown we all know how unpredictable the weather can be, but this time of year is when you really wanna get the cozy stuff out. I haven't been able to pull this one-off for almost two months! Feels good to yank'er out of the closet.

Long few days at work, time to take on the CHILL... Check out this song i still listen to, you likey...Discovery-Orange Shirt

and this site i bet you don't know about that my aunt turned me on to...http://www.shopgoodwill.com/