Such great heights

I've really never been one to follow trends on runways. I just find creating my own style is more fitting, and if it happens to fall in place with the runway, well then i've tricked everyone else. I have been wearing the classic high bun for quite some time now but I figured why not take it to new heights and dabble in some runway fun.

My inspiration for buns high ones, low ones, messy ones, really come from dancing my whole life. The look comes in handy when you don't have time to was either. This one is really out there though... what do you think?


To get this start by teasing your hair with a diffusing brush upwards to create volume. Focus on making it bigger at the bottom than the top. Flip  your head over and create a high ponytail and secure it with a band (the tiny plastic ones work well if you have thin/semi-thick hair). *If you have bangs, try your best to get them back with the rest, if not-just wait.

Next, wrap small portions around the front to create a bun look. Keep it loose to get that large and in charge shape. Rotate pinning the pieces, wrapping from the front in some places and from the back in others.  If you have small bangs left in the front pin them back underneath to create that invisible "bangs grown out" look.

I feel real cool.