Polk Me

My obsession with Polka dots has really flourished while heading into fall. I've pretty much been collecting pieces here and there... all of which are close to my heart. Unfortunately the warm weather is fading, and i have to rock these pieces in full force. The inspiration mostly comes from growing up in the 90's (remember those amazing spandex, trimmed with lace, two piece, crop top outfits we used to wear?) If only belly tops were still flattering on me... I can surely laugh at myself.

But, hey remember how classy and sassy Julia Roberts is when she wore this pretty Polka Dotted number in Pretty Woman?

This style is quirky and fun, plus pulling your own version of any look gives it identity. We can't really call this look retro, because polka dots have shown up in almost every era.

Paired with some saddle oxfords and red lips... there will be no rich lawyer necessary.

Here is a good one by byCorpus i snagged for $20.00 on sale at UO a few months ago (paired with my grandmas vintage beaded broach), I'm wearing this baby all the way through winter.

(The glasses are just a necessity)