Does it matter if your black or white?

The evolution of adulthood can be and is, a cold, relentless, B*tch. I'm usually quite an optimist in all aspects of life, but telling your conservative and caucasion family about your interracial realtionship... now that's what you call adversity! Enduring adversity isn't something i have ever faced in terms of realtionships, so taking on this challenge has been exhausting and overwhelmingly rewarding. In fact, i have never felt more powerful. Bringing home a partner, who respects your choices, goals, and body; who genuinely pushes you towards the mecca of womanhood should be the least of your worries. I mean what parent doesn't want to see their child happy, right? My experience has been all but easy, but who actually thinks the easy way out is fun?

Here are some words of advice i have gathered, learned from, and now given. Because kicking adversity in the a** leaves you with a sense of empowerment and satisfaction that you should never, i mean never back down from.

1. Stay firm! Presenting yourself with adverse situation usually means your a pretty strong lady in the first place. Remember, you like a challenge, if you couldn't handle it, you wouldn't still be trying to resolve it.

2. Don't choose lunch at a pizza shop (public restaurants prevent obnoxious scream sessions, don't they?) Telling your family (more specifically) your mother about about your boyfriend of another race, really deserves more attention. Public places, in this case prove faulty.

3. If he's the right guy (in same/different race relationship) he will be patient. A man without patients is like an iphone without internet. Just sell it on ebay.

4. Be sure you are content. Being in an interracial relationship puts you in the spot light. Attention is both positive and negative. And before breaking the news to those less accepting, make sure you are happy. Vibes are contageous, they will sense if your confident and affectionate with the other person or not.

5. Give it time. Throwing your family into the lions den isn't what you should strive for. Let these people come to you, if you hold strong to your opinions about what brings you satisfaction in life, others will acknowledge it too.

6. Finally, be a teacher and don't get discouraged! Use this as an opportunity to educate others about cultural diversity. Stereotypes and media control a large portion of the ideas people have about other ethnicities. Being in this position gives you control, lead others towards enlightenment.

No realtionship platonic or intimate goes without flaws. Adversity presents itself when you least expect it and can, if you let it bring a positive awakening to your life.

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