Hairspiration on a rainy day

It's been a really really long time since i've done any writing for the fun of it. I enjoy it though, because it's an expression, a release-and I can share my ideas with others who care. You know it's nice to get a response from people who appreciate what you do and want to let you know. For those people who hide anonymously behind a computer and post nasty, irrelevant comments on peoples work--well shame on you...

For all you people who love blogging and do it for yourselves more than anyone, here is to you! Never let someones comments, especially an anonymous coward get you down! Keep moving! You rock!

This is a fun twist on a stuffy old school look.

The un-manicured 'tornado' french twist. Tornado... because... it looks like a tornado to me.


Start by twisting into a low bun, then loosely twist upwards so that the bulk of the hair is at the top. Stick in a few pins-this is supposed to look messy. If you find that your hair is 'too clean' try this look on a day after not washing your hair, or spray a little sea-salt spray to give it texture. A hawt mess.