A few days before Christmas last year my parents decided that renting a large white, no shame in its pot-hole hitting abilities, church van and took us a state over in Ohio on a “destination unknown”. Sounds exciting, I know, but i’m no good with surprises… so in situations like these… I seek the truth. I asked A LOT of questions. I mean, A LOT of questions. But, no budge. So there I sat, with my three other sisters, my brother-in-law, and a best friend, on the road to nowhere, I thought. Until finally, Canton Ohio… which is in the middle of NO WHERE… I finally figured it out that we were on a “destination known” to the Amish Country. To most this seems like hell… to me… do I have to say it?

This is absolute heaven. Antique malls galore. A cheese factory, a chocolate factory… basically a day filled with dreams. I took a few snaps along the way with Instagram App for iphone. enjoy.

This is the absolute place to be for thrifters, and those with a quirky idea when it comes to fun!