Ashy ain't classy

Winter is upon us, and the last thing you've been thinking about since summer is how smooth and silky your skin is while bundled up under wooly chic sweaters and feet deep in some sassy leather boots. Fortunately my go to store for causemedic's, Sephora always has a plethora of yummy smelling, variated granulates that are used to scrub off the ash. This one in particular by Peter Thomas Roth,  called anti-aging buffing beads is perfect for, check-it-out, both body and face and works with all skin types except ultra sensitive! The scent isn't specific but hints with notes of clean and citrus.

My favorite part of this scrub is that unlike most exfoliants found at your local drug store, these jojobo beads massaged deeply two to three times a week actually improve the overall look and feel of your skin. My first rendevouz with these little guys came from a bad experience this summer in the sun (always wear your sunscreen). I learned my lesson after a really bad sun burn, but was left with this horrible peeling skin for weeks! After being consulted at Sephora, i realized that the anti-aging buffing beads by Peter Thomas Roth were perfect for my problem! Instantly after the first light buff i could actually see the dead skin removal! For me the price tag was a little high at $36.00 but completely worth it, and genuinely love at first buff!

If the price tag is a little high for you, your local Sephora store often provides samples of their products if you ask (perfumes too!). I promise once you  try this scrub you will be hooked, and everything from your nose to your bum will be will be throwing a sigh of relief induced party!

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