All buurrnndled up. Cause i'm cheesy like that.

Something about sitting in my apartment fully dressed with everything turned off but my itunes and the lamp on my desk makes me want to write. I could go out, and i will most likely mosey on down town, but for now...


This Sweatttter... dang it's good. Found this beauty on a fun road trip to Columbus, OH with the boyfriend on one of our five-minute, time limited excursions through some random-exits-thrift-store. It's best that i time myself in stores like these with so many options. If not, i end up buying things that are truly unnecessary. This was real necessary for $2.50.

Here in Morgantown we all know how unpredictable the weather can be, but this time of year is when you really wanna get the cozy stuff out. I haven't been able to pull this one-off for almost two months! Feels good to yank'er out of the closet.

Long few days at work, time to take on the CHILL... Check out this song i still listen to, you likey...Discovery-Orange Shirt

and this site i bet you don't know about that my aunt turned me on to...