Weekend Wonderland

This weekend i was in D.C. for the PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) Conference. It was nice to get away from the same old, same old routine in Morgantown, but more importantly to connect and meet people within my chapter and those around the country. I made a lot of contacts and formed a plethora of new friendships, and also caught up with a few friends who live out of town along the way. Cassie and i got brunch and bloody mary's at Scion, got some nigiri tuna at toro sushi in Woodley Park with Lauren, Hannah, and some girls from the chapter, and sipped on the always delicious Sierra Nevada with the Lovely Lindsey. The Wonderland Ballroom was pretty much a hit for everyone in my chapter as the name set quite a high standard of the dive-esqe, $3.00 PBR (what a joke D.C) atmosphere it served. Tina, Kathleen, and i finally wondered back home to Rhode Island street where she put these chic pheasant feathers in my hair... West coast goes hard.

Anytime i get a chance to dig through a new thrift store, i take it! Saturday morning we had nothing to do so hopped the metro and headed to the closest Goodwill store. I was really excited, as i love venturing out on my own, especially in a new city!

I found a few things, although the store was limited and seemed to be picked over.

I got my hands on this oversized, sheer, purple, collared, button-up-blouse (all those words in one sentence make me want to pee my pants) for $1.95. This day was success...

I really can't get over how lucky i am to have passion and an eye for thrifting... it saves me a butt-load of money, and you never see anyone else with it on. It's such a challenge for me, and basically one the top activities i participate in that brings me a genuine sense of joy.

Leaving D.C. i was incredibly worn out and pissed off at the inadequacy of the engineer who designed the roads, but managed to gather a run down of all the defining moments of my trip. Some things i learned about myself and how i will conquer the world...

1. BRAND yourself... (LB turned me onto this, thanks girl) Define yourself and what your about. This is what attracts people to you the most, and keeps them interested.

2. Don't be afraid to express and show interest in the things that bring you the most joy. If your focused on what drives you the most, the more successful you will be.

3. It really doesn't matter what your undergrad major was... some of the most successful people in Public Relations got there because of the people they knew...

4. TALK TO ANYBODY YOU CAN AND DON'T PASS UP CHANCES THAT CAN TAKE YOU SOMEWHERE... you really honestly never know who you'll run into, or get introduced to.


5. Make friendships with the people around you even if you may not have all the same interests. Building positive relationships with the people around you will provide them with a sense of what interests you, doing this could open up big doors one day.

D.C. is adorable and aesthetically everything i could ask for in a city... losing the political aspect is impossible... ON TO THE NEXT ONE.