Dirty, Filthy, Beautiful

If i could get away with it, i would hardly ever wash my hair. Not because it takes forever to blow dry (that's a rarity) but because the longer you wait to wash - (in my opinion) the better it looks. The natural oils contribute to this 'just met my boyfriend for a lunch time nooner look'- and i can't seem to get over it. My dreams of less-than-frequent washing became true when i ran across Umberto Dry Clean Dry from Target! This one was only $8.99 compared to it's $20.00 and up competitors.

This is the perfect quick fix for ladies (or gents) with naturally light colored hair. For those of you with a darker hue, i would suggest something like hair powder by Bumble and Bumble. They offer a variety of shades so you don't end up with that chalky, baby powder look in your scalp... eeek.

My cheapy find took me

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