THE perfect little boyfriend watch.

The absolute only thing better than shopping online, is the excitment you get when UPS drops that pretty package on your door step (a few days early!) I've literally been on the hunt for the perfect gold, slightly masculine in size watch for almost a year now. While working for Fossil/Arrow corporation during the past few holiday seasons i kept my eye on the most perfectly gold watch by Michael Kors. The only problem i faced was, it cost as much as i was basically making, $250.00...ehhh no thanks.

At the time it seemed worth it, but after taking a years worth of really deep breaths, i decided i'd rather take the challenge of finding a cheaper, and in my opinion way niftier verson.

Snagged the Metal Link Menswear Watch for $19.99 after being on sale for $42.00 online at Urban Outfitters! That right there is the taste of a blisfully sweet deal in my book!

Im in a state of eupohora today because i now invision her being a part of my every day look. That's love.