Back is the new black.

Maybe it was my love light singing me the 'booty' song (or so he calls it) after one too many of whatever-the-fuck-he-drank-that-night which re-called my memory of  Sarah Bishop's-The Girls.[slideshow] Of course, that was probably a small influence considering I'm a huge advocate of soliciting a healthy, womanly body image. With the media constantly reinforcing our insecurities with false images of  'beautiful', it is nice to find a lightly comical rebuttal to all that ignorant non-sense.

The Girls is a collection of lacy, racy, exaggerated takes on the female derriere... oh la la lahh. I can't help but praise the power Sarah brings to the female figure in a lightly comical way.  Her use of wondrous colors and feminine touches has me wondering why more women don't down right applaud the curves that they've so naturally inherited.

The power we have as women to move towards changing the "so skinny it's sick" trend lies within each of us.Today I'm embracing my imperfections and realizing that's what makes me the most beautiful in the first place; why don't you?

Stay healthy, and worship your temple!