Rouge Connection

I have to admit, when it comes to choosing the garments i wear I've always stayed true to minimal prints, and rich solids... mostly a trend i admire so much about my mother. When i decide to fuel my obsession with ANY product possible in the cosmetic universe- i do the same. For me, it's not so much about the price of such products, but the quality- the way you feel inside when your wearing it!

I can barely go to the  drug store without helplessly finding  myself scoping the aisles  hoping, praying i will get my hands on a new lipstick or nail polish that is comparable or exceeds the 'trendy' name brand price tag. Don't you?

When i found this little number by NARS a few years ago, my whole thrifty aspect on product shopping took an extensive Roman Holiday. The color is semi-matte, smooth, and an an indisputable shade of velvety pastel pink. This is one of those throw-it-on , instant gratification type of deals. So loud and passionate, you wouldn't mind going nude.

Since that day, i have yet to find a substitution that can compete with the rather pricey $24 NARS price tag. Don't cringe-it's beyond worth it; quite possibly for any of their effortlessly luxurious products.

You can find Roman Holiday in;  a sheer lipstick or velvet matte lip pencil,  along with the abundance of fiery shades NARS has to offer at Sephora or your local NARS cosmetic counter.

My mother always told me i looked pretty with a little color on my lips... all pride aside, she was right!